All the provisions indicated below are an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement, and are considered only in the context of this agreement.

Order Delivery Terms

1. When placing an order, the Buyer must clearly indicate the requirements for its delivery (One order can be placed on one date, time, address. If you need to congratulate several people at different addresses, or at different times at one address you need to place the corresponding number of orders)

2. Delivery of the order is carried out by prior agreement with the recipient by phone, which is indicated by the buyer in the order.

3. Delivery without prior approval from the recipient is carried out according to the specified data (address, time, name of the recipient, etc.), in the Buyer's order. If the recipient is not at the specified address, the order, if possible, is transferred to third parties (relatives, colleagues, neighbors, concierge, etc.). If there is no one to accept the order (no one opened the door, neighbors do not accept or the recipient does not live, does not work at the specified address) then the order is considered completed, this order can be picked up within 24 hours at the seller’s store (during working hours) by calling its number or reordering delivery at an additional cost.

4. Fast execution of the order "day to day" is carried out within 2 hours after payment of the order and in agreement with the recipient.

5. Delivery until 10.00 the next day, possible if the order was placed and paid before 18.00 the previous day. Orders for today can be accepted until 19.00 from Mon to Sun.

6. The customer can make changes to the order no later than 2 hours before the time of delivery of the order. If the order has already been completed, it is impossible to change it. The Buyer can place and pay for a new order, while the previous one will be considered delivered or, at the Buyer's request, it can be forwarded to another recipient).

7. The service of photographing the recipient upon delivery is not guaranteed and is performed if there is technical capability at the time of delivery and with the consent of the recipient.

Fulfillment of the order during the holidays.

1. The execution of the order on holidays (New Year, February 14, March 8 (1 day before and 1 day after)) occurs during the day. The exact time of delivery is not guaranteed, but the manager can take into account the wishes of the Buyer for delivery in the morning, afternoon or evening. The final delivery time will depend on the busy couriers on holiday.

2. The term for confirming delivery on holidays is 2 business days, which is associated with a heavy load, that is, the buyer may not immediately receive notifications about the completion of his order.

3. Photo report on holidays (1 day before and 1 day after) is not guaranteed.

4. Upon receipt of the order, the recipient must sign on the order form, which remains with the courier.

Surprise order

Surprise order is executed without prior agreement with the recipient (when placing the order, the Buyer selects the option “do not call the recipient”, then he guarantees that the recipient will be at the delivery address in the specified time period (minimum 3 hours). In the absence of the Recipient at the specified address and if it is impossible to leave to third parties (neighbors, colleagues, security, etc.), the order is deemed completed).


The lead time depends on the location of the recipient (in city within 1 hour, outside the city the lead time is agreed with the manager), on the complexity of the order (quantity of goods, its availability in the seller’s warehouse) and on unforeseen events that are not dependent on the Seller (accident , weather conditions, traffic jams, etc.).